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Be kind to your face

Hi everyone!!

I hope that you are all safe and well.

We are still in strange times, although I think that perhaps it is becoming the new norm!!

The children have all gone back to school after six months off. Parents must be feeling frazzled after having to play the roles of parent, teacher, friend and all round entertainer. I am so glad that my daughter is 21 and at university as it is an awful lot to juggle, especially if you are trying to work from home as well.

It is lovely to be back at work. My regular clients have all come back along with a lot of new faces. I am very blessed as all of my clients are lovely and I enjoy chatting to them and getting to know them.

So now that September has arrived, I am at the moment concentrating on relaxing treatments, particularly facials. On my facebook page, kerrysholistictherapies, I have been talking a lot about facials this week, about each stage of the treatment, why they help you and the products that I use. I have to say that it is one of my favourite treatments to carry out as you as a client are so relaxed, the products that I work with are natural and smell heavenly and I get to do some massage as well.

The treatment takes just over an hour and is a great way to just switch off and chill. I often hear little snores from the couch.

It is important to look after your skin. Not many of us are blessed with naturally young skin for all of our lives. This treatment includes a natural anti aging face lift massage which works over both sinus and reflex points on the face while at the same time encouraging new blood to the surface and draining and excess lymph (which can make it look a bit puffy in places).

The facial is completely bespoke so once I have found out about your skin I will chose products to best suit you. Your skin could be dehydrated, aging, dull or prone to break outs. Women especially start to suffer with spots again as they hit the menopause. Also at the moment I am finding that wearing masks are making us spotty where the mask covers. I fall into this category but three days of using products specifically designed for this have made a massive difference and I don't feel that I have to cover my face in concealer and foundation.

A change in the weather, changing of the seasons can also really affect your skin, especially as we start to put the heating on which can really dry out our skin.

So until the end of September, I am offer facials for the price of £35. If you enjoy a facial you will love this, and if you have never had one come and have a try. You will not be disappointed.

If you have any questions about this or anything then drop me a message. My other treatments are of course carrying on as normal.

So stay well, keep safe and keep busy if you are missing your little angels back at school!!

Love and best wishes,


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